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#273786 [Tutorial] Forum Verification

Posted by Cuong on 03 November 2016 - 01:13 AM

Hey Monster WoW Community!

For those of you who do not know, you must have an approved account on the forum for you to be able to post or comment on a post.

There are 4 levels of a forum account rank:
1. Guest (Not registered)- ONLY viewing abilities. Can not comment or post.
2. Non-Activated Member (Registered)- ONLY viewing abilities. Can not comment or post. 
3. Activated Account- Account is activated, you can post and comment but will not be visible.
4. Activated and Approved Account- Full permission to view, comment and post.

To get to an activated and approved account, here are what I suggest:
1. Register on the forum to create a non-activated member's account. *Make sure you use a legitimate email and make sure you do not have anything offensive.
2. Follow the steps here:
3. You will now have an activated account. Next, upload a profile picture and comment on a recent post. Make sure it is not an old post, and make sure your comment is not offensive.
4. Lastly, a member of the Monster-WoW Community Staff (GM and Forum Moderators) will approve your account!
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#250128 Monster Wow Rules

Posted by Honey on 01 May 2016 - 10:46 AM

GameMaster and Administrator rights:


Account rules:


General rules:




Chat rules:


Data handling rules:



The previous rules and regulations must be followed to insure fair gameplay. If any of these rules or regulations are broken, a punishment will follow accordingly!

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#186165 Allianzgilde Sucht Raidmember

Posted by Varix on 02 March 2015 - 03:09 PM

Wir, die Gilde TeamSoloNiq, suchen für unsere Raids noch deutschsprachige DDs. Vorzugsweise Hunter und Magier und Schurke, aber auch alle anderen sind wilkommen sowie Heiler und Tanks.  Mainraids werden unter der Woche und NICHT am Wochenende Stattfinden. Bei interesse und für weitere infos wendet euch gerne an Varix,Teradi,Toxxiqq (Allianz)
Voraussetzungen : Skill,Ts3

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#325874 Tutorial: How To Use Discord

Posted by Honey on 29 July 2018 - 10:55 PM

Hey there,
This guide will teach you how start using Discord and connect to our server step by step. 
Q: What is Discord?
A: Discord is a platform where you can reach every player, admin or a GM very easily. All in one voice to text-chat for gamers that's free, secure and works on your both desktop and phone.
Step 1: Open Discord invitational link --> Click Me 
Step 2: If you never used Discord before, you'll need to register an account.
Step 3: Click next button
Step 4: Valid information is required to register an account.
Step 5: Choose the one you prefer. 
Step 6: You can use discord through browser or download the application and use it from PC.
Step 7: Verify your E-mail address and start using discord today!

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#250905 [6.x] Warlords Of Draenor - Soon™

Posted by Honey on 08 May 2016 - 09:26 AM


Questions / Answers:

1. Where to Download the Client?

You can download the torrent here: Download Torrent

Patch for any 6.2.X clients to make playable (Minimal Client): Download Minimal Client

2. Starting Season and Content?

Warlord Season 1 and Highmaul + all Draenor Dungeons

3. Will we have any gold limit from current MoP?

Yes, we will maximize the transferable gold amount from MoP. More info later.

4. Monster&Deathwing Realm will stay on Cataclysm?

Yes, they will and we will continue developing Cataclysm forever! We love that expansion!

5. Current Ragnaros Arena Season will be closed and rewarded?

Sure it will. But only  2vs2 Bracket will be rewarded after Wintraders will be filtered out.

6. What Draenor Features will work at Release!?

- Garrison Followers/Missions/Buildings/Professions

- Dark Portal & Garrison Quest lines (Draenor Start story)

- Bonus Objective Quests and System

- Dungeon Finder / Mercenary System / Battlegrounds

- Item Upgrade / Profession Item Upgrade / Random Item Stats

- Draenor World Bosses

Warlords of Draenor (WoD) will be playable on Ragnaros realm, every character will be automatically converted from MoP to WoD! MoP will be supported no longer by us, we will focus our development to WoD and Cataclysm versions only.



Some answers to the questions:


  • Every curreny will be reseted.
  • Valor and Conquest will be transferred into gold in 1:1 counter, so if you have 4.000 Valor and 4.000 Conquest, you will receive 8000 gold.
  • Gold will be divided by one hundred, so for example from 1.000.000 actual gold you will have 10.000 in WoD.
  • Guild banks (also gold in the guild bank) will NOT be transferrable.
  • Personal bank, void storage, transmog items, achievements, titles will be fully transfered to WoD.
  • Legendary transmog npc will be available.



The WoD release date is 15th of June! 

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#201097 How To Activate Your Forum Account?!

Posted by Mainadmin on 04 May 2015 - 03:16 PM

You can activate your forum Account in 3 easy step!


1. Open your World of Warcraft and Login in with your Account into any Monster Realm!

2. Open https://monster-wow.com/ and login or make sure you are already logged in.

3. Open the Forum  Sign In and enjoy!




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#328704 Rates & Limits [Monster Realm 4.3.4]

Posted by Wonderman on 24 September 2018 - 02:25 PM

Monster 4.3.4


General rates:

  • Kill XP rate - 12   
  • Quest XP rate  - 12
  • Explore XP rate - 1
  • Reputation gain rate - 2
  • Gold rate - 1
  • Honor rate - 1
  • Item drop rate - 1

Available commands:

  • .setrate (number) - Increase or Decrease your XP Rate to fit with your game stile! (range 1-12) (affects on kill&quest XP rate)
  • .start - Teleport you to the starting area of your character. (unstuck)


  • The Maximum amount of gold on a single character - 999.999Gold.png?version=f8c370db6a311a9b2bbd4c699Silver.png?version=2878a9593ad9ec13df0e999Copper.png?version=d7e0e5d51c0f2fc09e1cf
  • Auction House buyout/bid limit, mail, trade money limit - 420.000Gold.png?version=f8c370db6a311a9b2bbd4c6
    If you have sent more than 420k Gold, we won't refund you back! It is your responsible! 
  • Antispam settings:
    - 40lvl+ channel /1 /2 /3 (public channels)
    60lvl+ /say /yell in cities
    60lvl+ /whisper 


  • There are two options to save your character:
    Always do a /logout after you did something Important.
     Trade 1 gold to somebody else in your current group, or who is close to you. 

If you lost an item / quest / currency cause of Disconnect or Net Problem, we won't refund you back! Same goes for buying wrong item(s) from the website!

It's your own responsibility to take care of your character and account.

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#317871 [Monster] Generic Improvements I.

Posted by Mainadmin on 08 February 2018 - 11:13 AM

Long time passed since we implemented deep changes in mechanics and generic mechanics, but time has come here is the first part.


Global Cooldown syncronization:
- Now Global cooldown adjusted to you latency, it allow you to maximalize your DPS or react faster in PvP where every ms matter. It is noticeable mostly with high haste based classes(UH DK, Rog, Mage). (Also implemented on Sargeras realm).

Pet follow rework:
- Your companions now following you more accurate which provide better visual experience and better position for control them. (After feedbacks it will be implemented to Sargeras realm also).

Combat management:
- Rework spells which should or shouldn't give you "In combat", it makes sense in high rated Arena games the full list will updated later, also need feedback from our PvP testers.

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#2298 Novi ste na forumu? Hajde da se upoznamo !

Posted by Acke on 10 December 2011 - 01:43 PM

Ja sam Aleksandar iz Nisa, 97. godiste... Dovoljno od mene  :D :D :D
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#208113 Recruit A Friend System

Posted by Mainadmin on 21 June 2015 - 06:23 AM


Recruit a Friend system available:

- https://monster-wow....hp?name=recruit

- Summon your friend!(60min CD) http://i.imgur.com/GafJIkx.jpg

- Bonus Experience (300% in Party)
- Bonuse Reputation (+10% in Party)
- Mount Reward at reach max level or 48h played time!

- Connecting old accounts are allowed!

Invitation link and letter will be implemented later!

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#325502 4.3.4 Suggestions, # Ask The Community, Bugs

Posted by singalong on 21 July 2018 - 08:47 AM

Existing bugs 4.3.4 x12 realm, suggestion, #AskTheCommunity


Please post bugs related to PvP, or if you have a suggestion make sure it's short and clear, also include strawpoll and see what the community wants the most.

- Dampening implementation: https://strawpoll.com/75xeb6rx 
I would like everyone who cares about arenas to leave a honest vote.
Short explanation: Dampening is a debuff which applies on a player after 5 minute of being in arena and not landing a kill. It rises by 1% every 10 seconds after 5 minute mark passed. (Works only with Healer/Dps vs Healer/Dps combos)


- Re-Applying poisons every arena: https://strawpoll.com/b1x4965c

I would like everyone who plays rogue to leave a honest vote.

Explanation: Currently poisons are disappearing and you are required to re-apply them every time you enter the arena. Poisons should stay on your character even if you enter the arena with their normal duration (60mins or 120mins) Custom fix would be to set their timer permanently.


- Spectator NPC Implementation: https://strawpoll.com/zb892c8x

I would like everyone who truly enjoys playing arena to leave a honest vote.

Short explanation: There's nothing really to be said about this, except that you can watch others play, study their moves and improve, or just watch them play if you are bored. 



- Camouflage (51753) + Hunter's Mark (1130)

How it is right now: When a hunter is Camouflaged (Spell ID: 51753) and uses Hunter's Mark (Spell ID: 1130) Camouflage deletes.
How it should work: Camouflage should stay, even if Camouflaged Hunter casts Hunter's Mark on the target.


- Snake Trap (34600)

How it is right now: Currently Snake Trap (Spell ID: 34600) doesn't work in LoS, meaning if enemy walks on your snake trap while you are on the other side of the pillar or slightly around the pillar, it will not work. (Reported 3 times)
How it should work: It should definitely work like every other trap, in LoS and out of LoS. It's very important for snake trap to work like other traps because of a talent which allows it to root enemies, and it's crucial spell at some point.


- Kill Command (34026)

How it is right now: Currently Kill Command (Spell ID: 34026) Works from infinite range, even though it's a melee pet ability.

How it should work: It should only be usable when the pet is in melee range of the enemy, not from the infinite range.
How to reproduce the bug:
Send your pet to attack the enemy target, and while the pet is heading to him, press kill command, the distance between the pet and enemy doesn't matter. FIXED


- Camouflage (51753) + Aimed Shot (19434) or Camouflage + Scare Beast (1513)

How it is right now: Currently when you cast Aimed Shot (Spell ID: 51753) or Scare Beast (1513) while being in Camouflage, your Camouflage breaks.

How it should work: It definitely should not break, neither of those spells.  FIXED!



- Beacon Of Light (53563)

How it is right now: Apparently theres a new bug with Beacon Of Light (Spell ID: 53563) When you use it on your partner and you get in combat, apparently the combat lasts permanently and prevents from classes like Rogue to use Sap because you are in combat, it really gives the advantage of holy paladins and disadvantage when they want to drink mana.

How it should work: Pretty much beacon of light allows you to heal 2 targets, it doesn't have any combat indicator so it shouldn't put someone in a combat. It should do it's job without putting people in combat for no reason.


- Cleanse (Spell ID: 4987)

Tooltip: Cleanses a friendly target, removing 1 Poison effect, 1  Disease effect. Also removes a movement impairing effect if used on yourself.

How it is right now: Apparently it removes 2 Moving impairing effects instead of only 1. Example Cone of Cold roots you for 2-4 seconds depending on the talent and applies the slow. It should only remove 1 effect, not both. 
How it should work: It should only remove 1 moving impairing effect.



- Mass Dispel (32375)
How it is right now: When Mass Dispel (Spell ID: 32375) is used on a target that is in LoS, it doesn't work. 

How it should work: It should work even if the target is in LoS / behind the pillar.


- Power Word: Barrier (62618)

How it is right now: It seems like this spell doesn't work, you can cast it visually but the effect of it doesn't work. It's totally random i guess, it needs further testing but i'm 99% sure it doesn't work.

How it should work: It should do it's job and not just show visually on the screen.


- Glyph of Dispel Magic (Not sure whats the ID but there's only one glyph of dispel magic in-game)

Tooltip: Your Dispel Magic spell also heals your target for 3% of maximum health when you successfully dispel a magical effect.

How it is right now: It heals the target regardless of them having magical effect or not, you can spam Dispel Magic (Spell ID: 527) and heal people with it, which is kinda ridiculous.

How it should work:  It shouldn't heal if the target doesn't have magical effect to be dispelled, if it has then he should be healed, otherwise no.


- Shadow Fiend (CRITICAL BUG!!) Spell ID: 34433

How it is right now: Shadow Fiend (Spell ID 34433) has a priority in eating traps thrown by a hunter, even if it's perfectly thrown on the healer, next to the fiend.

How it should work: The target which stands on spike of the trap should be trapped, currently fiend has a priority and always gets trapped, regardless if its on spike or little bit next to it. It's completely broken, you can't trap enemy if shadow fiend is on it currently.



Poisons - In progress, strawpoll made: https://strawpoll.com/b1x4965c

- Smoke Bomb nullifies the Freezing Trap effect. (ID: 76577)

How it is right now: If a hunter is further away from the rogue and uses freezing trap and at the same time rogue uses Smoke Bomb (Spell ID: 76577) the trap will be nullified, it will disappear completely. I don't know why.

How it should work: The Freezing Trap should still work even if the rogue is in Smoke Bomb or his partner, it works only when hunter is inside bomb currently.


- Slice and Dice (5171)

How it is right now: It gives rogue Energy regen, which is COMPLETELY broken, it should only give attack speed, not energy regen.

How it should work: Slice and Dice (Spell ID: 5171) should ONLY give attack speed, not energy regen, it's completely broken, it makes rogues so op now, even after the latest nerf.    FIXED!



- Earthbind Totem (2484)

How it is right now: Earthbind totem can slow enemies behind LoS / Pillar, the effect of this spell shouldn't work behind pillar. (Spell ID: 2484)

How it should work: It should only slow enemies that are in your LoS.



- Bladestorm (46924)

How it is right now: Currently Bladestorm (Spell ID: 46924) works behind LoS.
How it should work: It shouldn't trigger it's ticks behind LoS, if a warrior is chasing a player and uses bladestorm, it should not attack him if hes at the other side of the pillar (Example: dalaran arena pillar)


Honestly, i can't think of more bugs, there are probably a lot more but if i remember anything, i will make sure to update the topic. I would like to see some of this fixed at least.


Any help would be appreciated, or bugs that i forgot to mention or simply didn't knew existed, correction is appreciated if i'm mistaken. 


# Ask The Community
Make sure to leave a honest vote on the first 3 strawpoll links. 




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#275828 Ragnaros Realm

Posted by Honey on 28 November 2016 - 02:32 PM



Dear Community,



this is a sad occasion for all of us, but maybe also a great start of something new. As we already mentioned, the Ragnaros realm will close its gates forever. We decided to listen to your calls, and make the transfer easier. This way allows guilds to stay together & continue their progress, and allows players to start the new Demon Hunter class right after release. 



How can i transfer my character and when?

For the official Legion release (9th December)  we will transfer EVERY character from Ragnaros to our new Sargeras realm! Everything will be transferred to the new realm including titles, mounts, toys, heirlooms, gold, currency, guild & guild bank, personal bank, void storage, reputations, Garrison & followers.



How long can i stay on Ragnaros?

After the new realm is opened, you will not be able to logg in to Ragnaros realm. If you wish to play with your character please make sure that you have Legion client on your pc!



For more information about the new realm click HERE!




Monster-WoW Staff




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#266961 [4.3.4] Quest Fixes

Posted by Honey on 18 August 2016 - 07:41 PM

Sendera and Wonderman are working so hard on quest/achievement fixes, we can be super thankful to both of them! :)

Here is a little list about fixed quests in last few weeks:


No Rest For The Wicked 
Raise the Barricades
Blinding the Eyes in the Sky 
The Ironwall Rampart 
Before the Gate of Horror 
Shatter the Shards 
The Stories Dead Men Tell
The Black Knight's Orders 
The Black Knight's Fall 
The Black Knight's Curse 
The Edge Of Winter
The Valiant's Challenge
Mission: The Abyssal Shelf (Horde)
The Mosswalker Savior 
Stone Cold 
Mysterious Azsharite 
Nine's Plan 
The Keystone Shard 
A Quota to Meet 
Memories of the Dead 
Mystery of the Sarcen Stone 
When Science Attacks 
Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped 
Raptor Raptor Rocket 
Befriending Giants 
Azsharite Experiment Number One
Azsharite Experiment Number Two 
Gunk in the Trunk 
Runaway Shredder! 
Up a Tree 
Defend the Gates! 
Fade to Black 
Beating the Market 
Smoot's Samophlange 
Commando Drop 
Lightning Strike Assassination 
To The Ramparts! 
Rigged to Blow 
Push the Button! 
Blacken the Skies 
Profitability Scouting 
Military Breakthrough 
First Degree Mortar 
Halo Drops 
First Come, First Served 
Handling the Goods 
Ticker Required 
Wasn't It Obvious? 
Easy is Boring 
Turning the Tables 
Watch Your Step 
Renewable Resource 
Trouble Under Foot 
Hacking the Construct 
The Blackmaw Doublecross 
Ice Cold 
There Are Many Like It 
Mop Up 
Wash Out 
Weapons of Mass Dysfunction 
Dressed to Impress 
Twilight Skies 
Ready the Ground Troops 
The Brave and the Bold 
Save the Sentinel 
Together Again 
The Rattle of Bones 
No Weapons For You! 
Invoking the Serpent 
Free the Pridelings 
The Twilight Skymaster 
The Elder Crone 
Four Twilight Elements
The Doomstone 
In the Outhouse 
Defend the Drill 
The Ancient Brazier 
Defend the Drill 
Go Blow that Horn 
We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die! 
Freezing the Pipes 
Two-Tusk Takedown 
With a Little Help... 
Carcass Collection 
Pirate Accuracy Increasing
Circle the Wagons... er, Boats 
Quiet the Cannons 
Survey the Lakeshore 
The Queen and Her Court 
Jin'Zil's Blessing 
Kobold Fury! 
Ashes to Ashes 
I Got Your Parts Right Here... 
And That's Why They Call Them Peons... 
In Defense of Krom'gar Fortress 
Beginning of the End 
Final Delivery 
Is This Justice? 
To Battlescar! 
Might Makes Right 
Lessons from the Lost Isles 
The Turd Problem 
Spy Infestation 
Alliance Attack Plans 
Is This Justice? 
To Be Horde...
Barrier to Entry 
We're Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two... 
Grimtotem Supremacy 
Armaments for War 
They Put the Assass in... Never Mind 
Leave No Man Behind! 
Free Our Sisters 
Rumble in the Lumber... Mill 
Capturing Memories 
Arcane Legacy 
Schemin' That Sabotage 
It's Up There! 
The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag 
Hellscream's Legacy 
Gerenzo the Traitor 
Field Test: Gnomecorder 
Burn, Baby, Burn! 
Don't Look Them in the Eyes 
Back to the Depths! 
Seen Better Days 
World First: Gnomegen 
Save the Children! 
Last Ditch Effort 
Thal'darah's Vengeance 
Ascending the Vale 
Brood of Seldarria 
Mr. P's Wild Ride 
Mr. D's Wild Ride 
By Hook Or By Crook
The Tortusk Takedown
A Growing Problem
The Stagnant Oasis
In Fungus We Trust  
Who's Shroomin' Who?
Into the Raptor's Den
The Purloined Payroll
Investigate the Wreckage
To Track a Thief
The Stolen Silver
Verog the Dervish  
Love it or Limpet
Ammo Kerblammo
Competition Schmompetition
Raging River Ride
Mutiny, Mon!
Waptor Twapping
King of Centaur Mountain
Through Fire and Flames
Club Foote
Sludge Investigation
Mor'shan Caravan Pick-Up
War is Hell
Blood of the Barrens
Concern for Mankrik
Don't Stop Bereavin'
Honoring the Dead
The Butcher of Taurajo
Mahka's Plea
The Disturbed Earth
The Low Road
Warriors' Redemption
The front line
The ancients’ ire
Reason to worry
War supplies
The last wave of survivors
Twilight plans
Bad Datas
I'll Do It By Hand
Power over the tides
Twice removed
The darkscale warlord
Swamped secrets
Sweeping clean the ruins
The bear’s paw
The eye of all storms
Ritual materials
Against the wind
Coaxing the spirits
Buzzbox 413
An ocean not so deep
Soothing the elements
The Titans terminal
A new home
The ritual bond
Stepping up surveillance
The seeds of life
Bearer of good fortune
Call down the thunder
An ounce of prevention
In defense of Darkshore
A last companion
Disturbing connections
The Grasp Weakens
Zen'Kiki and the Cultists
Zen'Kiki, the Druid
A Different Approach

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#274834 Legion

Posted by Honey on 14 November 2016 - 11:31 PM

Legion BETA release: 01.12.2016

Official release: 09.12.2016


What can we offer at our BETA release?
- New class: Demon Hunter;
- New continent: The Broken Isles;
- Artifacts: customizable weapons;
- Class Halls: unique to your class;
- New world bosses;
- Level cap: level 110;
- Hundreds of new quests, achievements and more....

Good to know:
- Standard rate is 4x, however, rates will be 12x for the first week of official release;
- Every character made in BETA will be removed when we officially release;
- Do NOT expect everything to be perfect during BETA, we are working hard and need your feedback to improve

About Ragnaros realm:
We decided to close the realm to focus more on Cataclysm and Legion development. We will provide free character transfer to our new Legion realm! It was a hard decision, we checked what was best for our players. Make sure you keep checking our webpage and forum, because transfer will be available only for a limited time (1-2 weeks)!

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#208594 Honor Rank System

Posted by Swooz on 22 June 2015 - 06:01 PM


PvP Rank System available and working in all realms!

- Titles:

           Private/Scout - 100 Honorable Kills

           Corporal/Grunt - 500 Honorable Kills

           Sergeant/Sergeant - 1000 Honorable Kills

           Master Sergeant/Senior Sergeant - 2000 Honorable Kills

           Sergeant Major/First Sergeant - 4000 Honorable Kills

           Knight/Stone Guard - 5000 Honorable Kills

           Knight-Lieutenant/Blood Guard - 6000 Honorable Kills

           Knight-Captain/Legionnaire - 10000 Honorable Kills

           Knight-Champion/Centurion - 15000 Honorable Kills

           Lieutenant Commander/Champion - 25000 Honorable Kills

           Commander/Lieutenant General - 40000 Honorable Kills

           Marshal/General - 45000 Honorable Kills

           Field Marshal/Warlors - 50000 Honorable Kills

           Grand Marshal/High Warlord - 75000 Honorable Kills

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#297015 [7.1.5] Client Update

Posted by Mainadmin on 11 April 2017 - 03:44 PM


Patch change Q&A:

Q: I have 7.0.3 client and I play on Sargeas how can I get a 7.1.5 client?
A1: Download this ZIP file. Unpack to your 7.0.3 client folder, (overwrite existing files) and run MWow.exe or MWow64.exe.
A2: You can get a full 7.1.5 client from this torrent.

Q: I have newer version client (7.2) and I don't want to download a full 7.1.5 how can I join?
A: The solution is same as for 7.0.3 client. Download the ZIP file and unpack at the 7.2 folder.

Q: I have 7.1.5 but I play on a different server how can I join?
A: Open you WoW install directory. Open the "WTF" directory. Open Config.wtf in any text editor (e.g.:Notepad). Search the Line starting with "SET portal..". Delete this line and copy this: SET portal "ptr.monster-wow.com"

Q: I don't have a 7.1.5 client what is the best way to get one?
A: We advise to download the full client from torrent. It takes some time, but in the long run it is faster and reliable.

Q: I am trying to login why is it showing Sargeras realm as "Incompatible"?
A: Make sure you are using correct launcher.

Q: Why the game is not appearing on my screen while it is running in the background?
A: Run the game as administrator. It has to download necessary files firstly. Wait a few minutes and it should launch itself.
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#323277 [Cataclysm]Season End - Rules

Posted by Mainadmin on 02 June 2018 - 04:05 PM

Dear players,

due some feedback about Cataclysm season ending rules and upcome, we deciced to make some changes in the rules and also we are giving out a detailed explanation.

Team members:
- Players who played in 75% of the Team matches.
(Decreased from 95%)

2vs2 Rank / Titles:
- Rank 1 Team members Brutal,Vengeful... +
Extra rewards announced in Season End topics
- Rank 1-3 Team members Gladiator Title and Achievement + Extra rewards announced in Season End topics
- Top 5% Team members Duelist Title and Achievement
- Top 10% Team members Rival Title and Achievement
- Top 20% Team members Challenger Title and Achievement


3vs3 Rank / Titles:
- Rank 1 Team members Gladiator Title and Achievement


Duelist,Rival and Challenger Titles are renewed after every season end, you can't wear them if you didn't earn them in the last Season.

Gladiator and Named Gladiator Titles are earnt forever.

Season End Dates:

Monster Season 3 - 2018. 11.29.

Nemesis Season 3 - 2018. 11.30.

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#282627 [7.0.3] Changelog 2017.01 #3

Posted by Mainadmin on 10 January 2017 - 09:18 AM

General fixes:
 - Fixed "disapperaing" artifact weapons. If you have a Two-part Artifact weapon with a missing second part, try to unequip and re-equipt the item, it should fix the issue.
 - Custom Transmogrifier NPC fixed. You can now trasmog legendary items!
- Legion Fishing fixed.
PVP fixes:
 - Deepwind Gorge: Cart movement fixed.

Demon Hunter:
 - Inner Demons (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Rage of the Illidari (Artifact Trait) working.
 - Balanced Blades (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Anguis of the Deceiver (Artifact Trait) implemeted.
 - Demon Rage (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Contained Fury (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Charred Warblades (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Fueled By Pain (Artifact Trait) working.
 - Painbringer (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Fiery Demise (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Devour Souls (Artifact Trait) implemented.
 - Soul Rending (Talent) leech added to Metamorphosis.
 - Fracture (Talent) Soul Fragment summon fixed.
 - Feed the Demon (Talent) cooldown reduction fixed.
 - Fallout (Talent) implemented.
 - Demon Spikes damage reduction corrected.
 - Calming Waters (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Sense of Urgency (Artifact trait) fixed.
 - Caress of the Tidemother (Artifact trait) proc corrected.
 - Healing Tide Totem, heal fixed
 - Servant of the Queen (Artifact trait) proc corrected.
 - Tidal Chains (Artifact trait) bonuses fixed.
 - Tidal Waves stack handling fixed.
 - Queen's Decree (Artifact trait) fixed.
 - Queen Ascendant (Artifact trait) working.
 - Ascendance (Restoration Talent) no longer removed after first heal
 - Cloudburst Totem (Talent) healing storage fixed. Early recall implemented.
 - Crashing Waves (Talent) fixed.
 - Deluge (Talent) works within Healing Rain.

 - Sense Death (Artifact trait) proc fixed.
 - Rage of the Valarjar (Artifact trait) proc fixed.
 - Odyn's Champion (Artifact trait) proc and cooldown reduction fixed.
 - Battle Scars (Artifact trait) working.
 - Corrupted Blood of Zakajz (Golden Artifact trait) proc fixed, DoT added.
 - Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) fixed.
 - Touch of Zakajz (Artifact trait) heal wokring.
 - Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) rage cost reduces working. Buff is hidden but working!
 - Will of the First King (Artifact trait) only proc from Whirldwind criticals.
 - Defensive Stance (Talent) no longer shown as debuff.
 - Avatar (Talent) removes roots and snares.
 - Burning Determination (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Steel Trap PVP duration limited to 8 sec.

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#281919 [7.0.3] Changelog 2017.01 #2

Posted by Honey on 05 January 2017 - 09:01 PM

General fixes

- Well Fed is no longer stackable

- Flasks are no longer stackable 

- Avoidance, Leech, Speed value is setted to 0 in PvP instances



Conflagration of Chaos (Golden Artifact trait) now it procs off only Conflagrate and buff works as intended
Channeled Demonfire (Talent) scripted
Eradication (Talent)  now it procs off Chaos Bolt, and not Life Tap
Roaring Blaze (Talent) scripted
Immolate now it has 15% chance to generate Soul Shard
Wrath of Consumption (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Soul Flame (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Soul Leech scripted
Demon Skin (Talent) scripted
Bullseye (Golden Artifact trait) now only stacks when the target is below 20% health
- Your pet is now properly dismissed after picking up the Lone Wolf  Talent
Terms of Engagement (Artifact trait) scripted
Bird of Prey (Artifact trait) scripted
Eagles Bite (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Aspect of the Skylord (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Mongoose Fury the duration is no longer refreshable at max. stack
Wild Charge (Talent) now works properly in Boomkin form
Guardian Affinity (Talent)  Ironfur now increases your armor only by 75%, and not stackable
Entangling Roots now breaks from damage
Jagged Claws (Artifact trait) now increases the damage dealt by Thrash 10-30%
Embrace of the Nightmare (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Rend and Tear (Talent) now reduces your damage taken from the target
Guardian of Elune(Talent) now increases the healing of your next Frenzied Regeneration by 20%
Blood Frenzy (Talent) now generates only 2 Rage
Gore scripted
Mastery: Nature's Guardian scripted
Ashamane's Bite (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Feral Instinct (Artifact trait) scripted
Open Wounds (Golden Artifact trait) scripted
Bloodtalons (Talent) now also affects bleed effects
- While stealthed Rake now deals 100% increased damage
Ashamane's Frenzy (Artifact weapon) scripted
Displacer Beast your movement speed will no longer reset from shapeshift
Taste of Blood stack consumes only if Bloodthirst crits
Focused Rage (Talent) next Mortal Strike deals now 50% increased damage
Tactician now also resets the remanining cooldown of Mortal Strike
Shadow Dance  now swaps the action bars and shows the buff properly
Soothing Darkness (Talent) scripted
Deepening Shadows scripted
Relentless Strikes scripted
Nightblade now reduces the target's movement speed
Shadowstrike script improved
Cheap Tricks (Honor Talent) scripted
Parley (Talent) no longer usable on players
Grappling Hook(Talent) no longer usable in root and snare effects
Deception (Artifact trait) scripted 
Roll the Bones scripted
Creeping Venom (Honor Talent) scripted
Deadly Brew (Honor Talent) scripted
Venomous Wounds scripted
Adaptation (Honor Talent) scripted
Tricks of the Trade no longer gives permanent threat to the target
Vanish now removes combat in PvP instances
 Oukej is god

Judgments of the Pure (Honor Talent) scripted
Consecration in Flame (Artifact trait) now increases the duration of Consecration
Bulwark of Order (Artifact trait) scripted
Scatter the Shadows (Artifact trait) scripted
Hallowed Ground (Honor Talent) scripted
Judgment of Light (Talent) now heals the allies instead of the enemy target with the debuff
Final Stand (Talent) scripted
Hand of the Protector (Talent) scripted
Consecrated Ground (Talent) scripted
Retribution Aura (Talent) scripted
Blessing of Spellwarding (Talent) animation and debuff are added



- Spiritwalker's graceno longer abusable after Spec change

- Ride the Lightning now works as intended

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#270035 Bug Tracker

Posted by Honey on 16 September 2016 - 07:21 PM

Dear players,

our Bug tracker and developers are waiting for the reports!
You find the Bug tracker on our main page, and you can use it after you logged in to your account.

Some information about this new feature:
  • every ticket is invisible until a GM accepts it
  • if you have no max. level character on any realm, you can not send a ticket
  • everyone can vote on the approved tickets, so the developers see the priority
  • after you sent a report, you can not edit it anymore

The system is in test phase, but we hope it helps to improve our server and provide a better platform
for the communication between developers and players. Every civilized feedback is welcomed!

Monster-WoW Staff
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