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Download Postal 4.3.4

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Postal 4.3.4 Postal Cata


Postal offers enhanced mailbox support by providing the following features:

  • BlackBook: Adds a contact list next to the To: field.
    • Tracks all your characters (as you log each one on) and list them if they are on the same realm/faction on an "Alts" list
    • Tracks the last 20 players you mailed on a "Recently Mailed" list.
    • Autocomplete names from Alts/Recently Mailed/Contacts/Friends/Guild list. You can choose which of these lists to use.
    • Option to autofill in the last person mailed to the To: field.
    • Option to disable Blizzard's name auto-completion popup.
  • CarbonCopy: Allows you to copy the contents of a mail.
  • DoNotWant: Shows a clickable visual icon as to whether a mail will be returned or deleted on expiry.
  • Express: Adds shortcuts
    • Shift-Click to take item/money from mail
    • Ctrl-Click to return mail
    • Alt-Click to move an item from your inventory to the current outgoing mail (same as right click in default UI)
    • Mousewheel to scroll the inbox Included in the default UI since Patch 6.0
    • Added option to disable multiple item mail tooltips.
  • OpenAll: Allows you to open all mails of selected types at one go in your inbox unattended.
    • All AH Cancelled mail
    • All AH Expired mail
    • All AH Outbidded mail
    • All AH Success mail
    • All AH Won mail
    • Non-AH mail with attachments
    • AH settings are divided into neutral and faction-specific settings.
    • Shift-Click on the OpenAll button will open all mail and override your filter settings.
    • Choose to have a number of bag slots always left free when opening mail.
  • Rake: Displays summary of money gained from opening mail
  • Select: Adds checkboxes to the inbox with buttons for selective opening/returning
    • Added mail indicator numbers above the checkboxes.
    • Added help note that you can Shift-Click 2 checkboxes to select everything between them.
    • Added help note that you can Ctrl-Click a checkbox to select all mail from that sender.
    • Choose to have a number of bag slots always left free when opening mail.
  • TradeBlock: Block trades and guild charter signature invites from people while you are at the Inbox
  • Wire: Autoupdate the subject field with money amount if blank.
Postal's menu and settings can be accessed at the upper right corner of your mailbox.