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Download Xloot 4.3.4

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Loot Roll Loot Master





XLoot is a small group of addons which improve looting in WoW by replacing default frames. XLoot Frame Replaces the Loot Frame, adding more information and behavior/appearance options. XLoot Group Replaces Group Loot frames, modifies Loot Alerts/Bonus Roll frame Group frames display current roll choices, the rolled numbers, and the winner. XLoot Monitor Shows a "toaster" for looting items, similar to Guild Wars 2, allowing you to either more visibly see what you and others loot, or remove loot messages from your chat box all together. XLoot Master Provides a more convenient Master Looter menu
Any of these modules (Frame, Group, Monitor, Master) can be disabled like any other addon if you do not want their functionality.


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