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Download DejaCharacterStats 7.1.5

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DejaCharacterStats DejaCharacterStats 7.1.5


Item Level Display Logic:

  • DCS displays the hidden Item Level display for characters below level 90.
Attributes Display Logic:
  • Armor
  • Primary
  • Stamina
  • Damage if melee or Hunter
  • Attack Power if melee or Hunter
  • Attack Speed if melee or Hunter
  • Spellpower if mana caster
  • Mana Regen if mana caster
  • Energy Regen if Rogue, Guardian/Feral Druid, or Windwalker/Brewmaster Monk
  • Rune Regen if Death Knight
  • Focus Regen if Hunter
  • Movement Speed
Enhancements Display Logic
  • Critical Strike
  • Haste
  • Versatility
  • Mastery
  • Leech(Lifesteal)
  • Avoidance
  • Dodge if tank
  • Parry if tank class that uses it
  • Block if tank class that uses it
  • Hide stats that have a value of 0.
  • Equipped/Available: Displays Equipped/Available item levels unless equal.
  • Decimals: Displays "Enhancements" category stats to two decimal places.
  • Item Level 1 Decimal Place:
  • Item Level 2 Decimal Places:
  • Class Crest Background: Shows or hides the character stats panels class background crest.
  • Durability Bars: Displays a durability bar next to each item under 100% durability for a quick visual reference.
  • Average Durability: Displays on the character shirt slot the total average durability of all equipped gear.
  • Item Durability: Displays the durability for each equipped item in the stat frame.
  • Item Repair Cost: Displays the Repair Total before discounts for each equipped item in the stat frame.
  • Expand: Shows or hides the character stat panel expand/collapse button.
  • Scrollbar: Displays a scrollbar to the side of the stat panel.
  • Install to your addon directory and login to WoW.
  • Lock/Unlock DCS' Select-A-Statâ„¢ 2.0 by clicking the lock box icon in the upper right of the character paper-doll frame.
  • More options are in the interface options panel.

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Slash Commands:
  • /dcstats: Display the DejaCharacterStats slash commands
  • /dcstats config: Open the DejaCharacterStats addon config menu.

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