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[6.2.4] Troubleshooting & Blz Errors + Solutions

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 01:11 PM

Also before we start, disclaimer. Use of this guide, files and links is at your own responsibility. I will try to provide clean files and safe solutions. But just in case, I do recommend you to make backup copy of WoW or any files you overwrite or change. Just in case something goes badly wrong.


1. Activating WoD Login

Unlike Cataclysm, WoD will require you to activate special login system on your account. You have to do that, otherwise you won't be able to log in. To activate WoD login, go to MonsterWoW's homepage:


Log in to your account you used on MoP or Cataclysm. After logging in, you have small account panel on right side, with your username, vote points, donation points,... There below username, you should have option to activate WoD login. Activate it, put in e-mail address you want to use on WoD to log in, confirm and you are done. If you already did this, then you will have WoD login displaying e-mail you set under username.


Password will stay same as it was on Cataclysm or MoP. And characters on ex-MoP realm will automatically be on WoD realm.


2. Chapter: Getting WoD Client


You can currently obtain client in three ways:


1. Torrent: http://www.mediafire...t_6.2.4.torrent

To use torrent you will need torrent client, like uTorrent or Vuze. After you have torrent client, simply run torrent file, let your torrent client to download everything. After downloading is complete you will end with ZIP archive. You can use program like WinRAR to extract it. I recommend you to extract it on drive C, in some folder made by you. Like:

C:\Games\World of Warcraft WoD\

After extracing, to run WoW, simply run "mwow-64.exe" or "mwow.exe". For 64 exe you will need to have CPU with x64 support and x64 version of Windows. And login with e-mail and password.


2. Small client: https://mega.nz/#!EE...baxkFnl-24iyOtY

Small client is for people with fast connection. This is bare minimum to run WoW and have it download all game data while you play. Do not use this, if your connection is slow. Anyway just like above, download it, create some folder for WoW, drive C is recommended, like:

C:\Games\World of Warcraft WoD\

After extracing, to run WoW, simply run "mwow-64.exe" or "mwow.exe". For 64 exe you will need to have CPU with x64 support and x64 version of Windows. And login with e-mail and password. You will experience freezes. Don't worry about that, WoW is downloading data and you just have to wait it. It might take anything from a minute to 15 minutes, depending on your connection.


3. Clients from other sources or Battle.Net

You can also grab client from some other servers, or Battle.Net. Both are ok. You can grab client on Battle.Net here:


Do note that retail client will stop working after they patch to Legion. If you use retail client, I recommend you to make copy of that client on drive C in folder you made and not Program Files. That will un-link it from Battle.Net client and will give launcher bit more access. In any case, when you want to use WoW client you have to un-link it from other programs. Either remove it from torrent client or Battle.Net client.

After this is done, delete Cache, Interface and WTF folders in WoW folder and download this:


Extract it in WoW folder, overwrite files and then use "mwow-64.exe" or "mwow.exe" to run WoW. For 64 exe you will need to have CPU with x64 support and x64 version of Windows. And login with e-mail and password. Do not use launchers from other servers, because in WoD, reamlist is written in exe file and it will redirect you to another server.


3. Troubleshooting


General things you want to do before anything:

- Check antivirus or firewall, you can get various errors just because any of those programs blocked WoW. I personally got issues with BitDeffender 2016, because it kept deleting "mwow-64.exe" and "mwow.exe", because they were suspicious. Also after restoring them, it blocked access to some files in Data folder. So check events in those programs to see if they did not block something and set files and folders as exceptions, safe or allowed.

- Download latest drivers for your system. Old drivers are cause of many issues and those coming on CD with PC are very old. You can grab files via manufacturers homepage, do not take other sources, yes I am looking at you Windows Update, because they will give you some basic, incomplete version, which is good for office work, but not games. Otherwise I also recommend Iobit's Driver Booster, I use it for a while and it does great job at maintaining all my drivers. Free version might download a bit slower and is not as automatic as PRO, but free version will get job done just as well as PRO.

- Try restarting computer, router, modem and all your equipment. While this will work as often as not, it is simple and can save you a lot of time.

- Make sure you have .net Framework 4 installed and updated. Seems like some systems in WoW depend on it. And it can be cause of some very specific CAS errors. Grab it here:


If you have Windows 10, then you already have it and you can skip this.

- Make sure your Windows is up to date via Windows Update. Some errors can be simply caused due to outdated certificates or libraries.


3.1 CAS error

This error can be caused either due to file access issues, connection issues and bad file issues. Here are things you can do:

- Make sure WoW is not in use by another program. If you downloaded it via torrent and client was not in archive, make sure to remove it from torrent client or move/copy client somewhere else. Also you have to un-link it from Battle.Net application, if you used it to download client from retail. Because both can mess with files and block access.

- Make sure you don't have WoW in some system protected folder, like Program Files, Program Files(x86), user folder, Downloads, Desktop,... Move it to some folder you made on drive C, like:

C:\Games\World of Warcraft WoD\

- Also make sure your game did not get blocked by firewall or antivirus. They can really mess stuff up.

- Another thing you can do is to right click WoW folder, choose Properties. When Properties open, click on box in front of "Read-only", until box is empty. Hit Ok and apply it to all folders, sub-folder and files. Also you can try running WoW as administrator, by right clicking exe file and clicking on "Run as Administrator"

- Could be bad "config" or "indices" folders, to fix that, simply open Data folder inside WoW folder, move existing "config" or "indices" folders out or delete them. Then download this:


And extract it in Data folder. 

- Another folder which can cause issues is hidden Blizzard Entertainment folder. First open "Folder Options", go to View tab and put dot in front of "Show hidden files and folders" and apply. After that go to drive C, open ProgramData folder. There delete "Blizzard Entertainment" folder.


Also in my case antivirus program did lock file named "shmem", which caused CAS error. You can find this file in "...WoW folder\Data\data". If it is not there or is blocked. Then either try to rename WoW folder, to get it out of lock or restart computer and grab new copy here:


Simply extract it in WoW\Data\data and you are done. Let me know if this last step helped anyone, could be only specific issue on my end.


3.2 BLZ51900003 Error

This error can pop up after logging in. If you get it, make sure you activated WoD login on your account, for that check chapter 1 above. Also make sure Windows are up to date, since it can be caused by bad certificate. Also make sure you extracted small client in WoW folder, if you did not get WoW form MonsterWoW's download link. Here is small client:


Do note that you need to activate WoD login, even if you payed on MoP and you have to use e-mail to log in, not username.


3.3 Broken add-ons

If you have issues with add-ons not showing up or not working properly:

- Make sure your add-ons are for game version 6.2.4, you can download latest versions, but that won't work when retail goes on Legion.

- Make sure you extract add-ons in "...WoW Folder\Interface\Addons".

- If issues persist, try deleting Interface and WTF folders, extract WTF folder from small client in WoW folder, run WoW and log in without add-ons, you must log in any character. Exit WoW, install add-ons again.

- When you are on character selection screen, click on Addon button and make sure add-ons are checked there. Also if necessary, check "Load out of data addons". Confirm and log in.


3.4 BLZ51900319 Error

This error is caused by server-side problems. (server crash,restart etc.)  So just wait until the server is up again, and you can connect back.


3.5 BLZ51901001 Error

If you get this error, follow the next steps:

- Press Windows + R buttons

- Type ,, CMD " and click OK button

- Type:  ipconfig /release

            ipconfig /renew

            ipconfig /flushdns

- After you are done, make sure the following ports are opened: 1119,8081,8085,8086


3.6 BLZ51914001 Error

You use wrong WoD version, make sure you patched your client to 6.2.4!


4. System Requirements

These are minimum requirements to run game, if you are below this, then WoW might preform poorly or will crash:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750
RAM: 2 GB RAM (1 GB Windows XP)
OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 with the latest service pack
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, ATI Radeon HD 4850, or Intel HD Graphics 3000
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 35 GB
Recommended requirements:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2400, AMD FX-4100, or better
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 64-bit with latest service pack
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, ATI Radeon HD 5870 or better
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 35 GB




Special thanks for the guide for Seth!

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