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Login Server 6.2.4 With Error Blz Code 51900002

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#1 athelornhorde



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Posted 20 June 2016 - 10:47 PM


I can not open the game in the correct version, but try to login my account already activated the Lord of Draenor, gives the error BLZ code 51900002, any suggestions to solve this problem ?


Thank you

#2 athelornhorde



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Posted 21 June 2016 - 06:39 PM

Please do not forget me , I want to play again but is not working, how can I fix this error BLZ 51900002 ?

#3 SethNW



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Posted 21 June 2016 - 10:54 PM

Only things I could found on the error is that it is about same thing as BLZ51901001, at least as far as solutions go. Here is what I can suggest for now:

This error is caused due connectivity issues on your end. Here are few things you can do:

- Restart your network equipment. Router, modem,... Also make sure you leave it off for 5-10 seconds.

- Make sure firewall is or antivirus program is not blocking WoW, check logs/events to see if that happened.

- Make sure nothing is blocking ports 1119, 8081, 8085 and 8086. If necessary set those ports as open on your firewall. Do this with router's firewall and firewall on your computer. On computer, you can simply add "mwow-64.exe" and "mwow.exe" as safe files on your firewall and WoW will automatically tell it which ports it needs. However this might depend on per firewall basis. For router's firewall, visit this page:


Choose manufacturer of your router, router model and then WoW as game and you will get steps to open ports.

- Also you might have bad DNS entries. To fix that you will need command prompt. To run it, hit Windows+R buttons and run dialog will pop up. Then type in "cmd" without quotes and hit Ok. You wll get black window, in it type:

ipconfig /flushdns

And hit Enter. If you get successful, then close black window.

- Maybe your computer needs to reset connection. You have two ways to do this. First one is to run Command Prompt, like above by hitting Win+R buttons. Then type "cmd" without quotes and hit Ok. When black Window appears type in:

ipconfig /release

After this is done, type:

ipconfig /renew

And then you are done. Close Window and try again.

- Other way is via disabling your network connection. Hit Windows+R. Run dialog box will appear. There type "ncpa.cpl" without quotes and hit ok. Then Network Connections will appear. Depending on which connection you are using, wireless or ethernet, right click one you use and click Disable. Then give it few seconds after icon is gray and right click it again and choose Enable. Give it few seconds to connect and that is it, you can close this window.

Also this could help:

If you get this error, it means something is messing up your SSL traffic. Or you don't have certificate file in WoW folder. To check for that,  go to WoW folder and see if you have "tc_bundle.txt" file there. Might look unnecessary but it can cause issues if you don't have it. Grab it here if you don't have it in WoW folder, where "WoW.exe" is:

Open it, extract file in WoW folder and then try again.
And that is what I have for now.

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