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[6.2.4] Changelog

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Posted 05 August 2016 - 06:28 PM


- Highmaul cosmetic fixes.
- Highmaul added encounter progress checks.
- Fixed item level requirement for Highmaul.
- Twin Ogron script 80% estimated release 5-10 days.

- Dampening mechanics implemented in arenas.
- Arena rating gain/loss formula fixed.
- Maximum item level for non-PVP items are limited to 660 in BGs and Arenas.

- Battle Stance rage generation increased by 100% (according to retail formula)
- Arms warriors can generate rage in Defensive Stance at 50% rate.
- Avatar removes roots/slows.
- Stance changing spells are now correctly working if not is the required stance (e.g. Colossus smash in Def stance).
- Glyph of Rude Interruption fixed.

- Soul Swap fixes: duration and stack are also moved with soul swap.

- Kidney Shot DR fixed.
- Anticipation now proc from all combo points generating abilities.

- Holy Shield spell block, and return damage fixed.

- Arcane Mastery:Mana Adept fixed.

- Touch of death no longer working on bosses.

- Main now correctly proc Predatory Switfness.
- Starfall double damage fixed.

Death Knight:
- Forst Strike and Obliterate damage reduced in PVP according to retail formula.
- Abilities that require runes no longer give runic power if the cast was free (e.g. Freezing Fog free Howling Blast)

Ork Racial:
- Blood Fury spellpower bonus part fixed.

- 12 Crash Points fixed.
- Legendary Transmogrifier added to the major cities.
- Movement system smoothing, more responsive and precise position update.
- Fixed an issue that caused some items bought from donate shop to not receive all stats.
- Raid / Heroic dungeon reset system improved.
- Fixed Void storage random enchantment stacking bug.
- Fixed a bug that caused broken profession tab if profession specialization is learnt.
- Also removed all old profession specializations from every character (e.g. master axesmith)

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