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[7.0.3] Changelog #2

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Posted 09 December 2016 - 09:39 AM

Release Week Extra: 12x rates
How Battlegrounds work in Legion:
 - Every player automatically gets stats that are near equal to item level 850!
 - Base stats are: 
    - Agility, Intellect, Strength: 11475
    - Mastery, Critical Strike, Haste, Versatility: 4079 (~10%)
    - Stamina: 22000
    - Some specializations may receive more/less of these stats (e.g. Frost DK gets +20% Stamina, Fire Mage gets -50% Mastery)
    - The base Stats scale with your real item level by 1% for every 10 item level difference from 850 (e.g. for item level 800 you get -5%, for item level 910 you get +6%)
    - The minimum item level downscale is -15% (iLvl 710), This means if you have item level 550 you still get a virtual iLvl of 710 during BG. 
   - Item stats are NOT added to these stats, only item level matters.
   - Other stat bonuses (talent/buff/racial passive) are working on BGs!
   - Example:
          Fire Mage iLvl 874
       - Intelligence = 11475 * 1.02 (2% bonus for 20 iLvl) * 1.3 (30% extra for Specialization) = 15215
       - Mastery = 4079 * 1.02 (iLvl) * 0.5 (-50% for Specialization) = 2080
       - Stamina = 22000 * 1.02 = 22440
PVP Rewards:
 - Upon completion of a Random Battleground, players may receive:
    - 150 Honor for winning, 30 Honor for losing
    - 27 Gold for winning
    - Legion PVP Gear (Rare or Epic) or Champion's Strongbox
    - The chance of getting PVP gear increases with honor level.
- Champion's Strongbox can contain:
   - Low level (e.g. WoD) PVP gear
   - Artifact power
   - Talisman of Victory
   - Mark of Honor
- Upon completion of a Skirmish Battle, players may receive:
  - 80 Honor for winning, 16 Honor for losing
  - 9 Gold for winning
  - Legion PVP Gear (Rare or Epic) or Champion's Strongbox (same as BG reward)
Legendary Items
- Every Legion Legendary item can be dropped as a Personal Loot doing Battlegrounds, Legion Normal/Heroic/Mythic dungeons, Raids or World Bosses. Percentage is low to make these items worthy as they are! (0.01-0.05%)
- Absolute Corruption scripted
- Burning Rush scripted
- Casting Circle (Honor talent) scripted
- Contagion scripted
- Dark Pact scripted
- Demon Skin scripted
- Demonic Circle scripted
- Demonic Gateway scripted
- Drain Soul scripted
- Entrenched in Flame (Honor talent) scripted
- Essence Drain (Honor talent) scripted
- Harvester of Souls (Artifact trait) scripted
- Mana Tap scripted
- Reap Souls (Artifact trait) scripted
- Rot and Decay (Honor talent) scripted
- Soul Conduit scripted
- Soul Effigy scripted
- Sow the Seeds scripted
- Soul Leech no longer absorbs self-inflicted damage
- Summon Doomguard now properly attacks its target with Doom Bolt and use energy as its primary power
- Summon Imp now properly attacks targets below level 10 (instead of being passive)
- Summon Infernal now properly deals AoE damage
- Power of Goldrinn (Artifact trait) now only procs off Starsurge
- Revitalize (Honor talent) scripted
- Astral Power bar is now always displayed in humanoid & Moonkin forms (Balance specialization)
- Brutal Slash now properly generates 1 combo point
- Clearcasting (Restoration) is now properly removed on next Regrowth cast
- Entangling Roots no longer breaks after taking any damage
- Fixed an issue preventing Astral Power spenders (ie: Starsurge) from being cast, even though player had enough power
- Fixed Moonkin Form's visual with Balance Affinity
- Half Moon now properly empowers to Full Moon (Artifact trait)
- Lifebloom's duration is no longer reset by Healing Touch or Regrowth
- Moonkin Form (Balance) now properly has 15% on taken single-target attacks to make the next damaging spell instant
- Rake now properly applies movement speed reduction (with Infected Wounds)
- Thrash (bear form) now properly applies bleed effect
- Warrior of Elune now properly grants 2 instant Lunar Strike casts
- Wild Growth can no longer heal more than 6 targets (8 with Incarnation: Tree of Life)

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Posted 09 December 2016 - 12:33 PM

Inspect all class damage into Pvp BG just suggest because can't druid in cat from hit any player against him with three hit and die,think it's maybe damage into pvp is not balanced for some class while other class in pvp have hard percentage hit in pvp!

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