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[7.1.5] Broken Isles Questlines

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 05:08 PM

Behind Legion Lines
  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Down to Azsuna
  3. Into the Fray
  4. Demon Souls
  5. The Scythe of Souls
  6. Reignite the Wards
  7. From Within
  8. Fel Machinations !
  9. Saving Stellagosa !
  10. Dark Revelations

Defending Azurewing Repose
  1. Journey to the Repose
  2. The Death of the Eldest
  3. Agapanthus
  4. Their Dying Breathe
  5. The Last of the Last
  6. The Withered -  Runas the Shamed - The Consumed
  7. Runas Knows the Way
  8. Leyline Abuse - The Hunger Returns
  9. The Nightborne Prince
  10. Still Alive
  11. On the Brink Feasting on the Dragon
  12. Cursed to Wither
  13. Hunger's End

Azsuna versus Azshara
  1.  Those Who Remember
  2.  They Came From the Sea
  3.  Prince Farondis
  4.  Our Very Bones
  5.  Side quest: A Rather Long Walk
  6.  Side quest: Presentation is Everything 
  7.  Side quest: The Magister of Mixology
  8.  Trailing the Tidestone
  9.  Nar'thalas Still Suffers
  10.  Side quest: Children of Nar'thalas fixed 28.01
  11.  You Never Know Until You Scry
  12.  Back from the Dead
  13.  The Walk of Shame
  14.  Into the Academy
  15.  Dressing With Class & Quest:Hit the Books
  16.  The Haunted Halls
  17.  Wanding 101
  18.  Study Hall: Combat Research
  19.  Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing
  20.  The Headmistress' Keys
  21.  The Tidestone: Shattered
  22.  Save Yourself
  23.  The Head of the Snake (final quest of the Azsuna versus Azshara story segment)
  24.  Wrath of Azshara (Eye of Azshara instance quest)
  25.  The Tidestone of Golganneth (Azsuna zone finale)
Against the Giants
  1.  Okuna's Message
  2.  Infiltrating Shipwreck Arena
  3.  Boss Whalebelly's in Charge
  4.  No Time for Tryouts - Let Sleeping Giants Lie
  5.  Sternfathom's Champion
  6.  Morale Booster
  7.  Round 1, Fight!
  8.  The Right Weapon for the Job
  9.  Side quest and breadcrumb: A Favor for Mr. Shackle
  10.  The Prince is Going Down
  11.  Fate of the Queen's Reprisal
  12.  A Favor for Mr. Shackle (optional)
  13.  Maritime Law
  14.  Side quest: Making the World Safe for Profit
  15.  The Captain's Foot Locker

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 07:11 PM

2. Val'Sharah



  1. The Tranquil Forest
  2. Tying Up Loose Ends
  3. Cenarius, Keeper of the Grove
  4. Nature's Call
Three-way fork:
Archdruid of Lore
  1. Archdruid of Lore
  2. Solid as a Rock - Death to the Witchmother
  3. Return to the Grove (if this is the last Archdruid storyline completed)
Archdruid of the Claw
  1. Archdruid of the Claw
  2. Frenzied Furbolgs
  3. Littlefur
  4. Totemic Call
  5. Optional quest from item drop: The Chieftain's Beads
  6. Awakening the Archdruid
  7. Out of the Dream - The Demons Below
  8. Entangled Dreams
  9. Return to the Grove (if this is the last Archdruid storyline completed)
Archdruid of the Vale
  1. Archdruid of the Vale
  2. Dishonored
  3. The Corruptor
  4. The Nightmare Lord
  5. Return to the Grove (if this is the last Archdruid storyline completed)
Into the Nightmare
Requires completion of the Archdruid of Lore, Archdruid of the Claw and Archdruid of the Vale story chapters.
  1. The Emerald Queen
  2. The Temple of Elune
  3. Tears for Fears
  4. Side quest: Root Cause
  5. Breadcrumb to Bradensbrook: A Village in Peril
  6. The Die is Cast
  7. Malfurion's Fury
  8. To Old Friends
  9. The Demon's Trail
All Nightmare Long
Requires completion of the Into the Nightmare story chapter.
  1. Love Lost
  2. Dark Side of the Moon
  3. Side quests: Lost in Retreat, Wormtalon Wreckage
  4. Regroup at the Refuge
  5. Heart of the Nightmare
  6. Reading the Leaves - Given to Corruption
  7. Softening the Target
  8. Close Enough to Touch
  9. The Fate of Val'sharah (grants "All Nightmare Long" achievement credit)
  10. The Tears of Elune - Enter the Nightmare
  1. A Village in Peril
  2. Children of the Night
  3. The Farmsteads
  4. Shriek No More
  5. A Sight For Sore Eyes
  6. For the Corn!
  7. Jarod's Mission
  8. Kur'talos Ravencrest (to Black Rook Hold story chapter)
Black Rook Hold
Requires completion of the Bradensbrook story chapter.
  1. Kur'talos Ravencrest
  2. Maiev's Trail - The Rook's Guard
  3. Black Rook Prison
  4. Brotherly Love
  5. Side quest: Illidari Freedom
  6. Lieutenant of the Tower

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Posted 17 December 2016 - 07:52 PM

3. Stormheim

Getting started



Ancient Trials

The Blessing of the Watchers

Where Dragons Rule

The Final Judgement

Victory is Eternal

The Aegis of Agrammar

After Paid in Lifeblood, the faction story continues in Skold-Ashil.



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Posted 17 December 2016 - 09:01 PM

Thunder Totem
At Krasus' Landing, Archmage Khadgar is meeting with Warbrave Oro. Oro is looking for help, as the drogbar have emerged from the depths.
  1. The Lone Mountain
  2. Keepers of the Hammer
  3. The Rivermane Tribe
  4. Ormgul the Pestilent - Poisoned Crops - Infestation
  5. The Flow of the River
  6. Trapped Tauren - Fish Out of Water - Spray and Prey
  7. Side quest: Moozy's Sojourn, Moozy's Adventure
  8. Lifespring Cavern
  9. Balance of Elements - Invading Spelunkers
  10. Crystal Fury
  11. High Water
  12. The Underking Comes
  1. Grasp of the Underking - The Drogbar
  2. Bitestone Enclave
  3. Dargrul and the Hammer
  4. Get to High Ground
Gathering the tribes
After completing Get to High Ground, the storyline splits into two forks. Both chains must be completed to continue:
The Skyhorn Tribe
  1. The Skyhorn Tribe
  2. Nursing the Wounds
  3. Rocs vs Eagles
  4. The Three - Assaulting the Haglands
  5. The Witchqueen
  6. The Skies of Highmountain
The Bloodtotem Tribe
  1. The Bloodtotem Tribe
  2. Witch of the Wood - Hags of a Feather - I Have a Bad Feeling About This
  3. An Audience with Torok
  4. Cave of the Blood Trial
  5. Rite of Blood
  6. Rock Troll in a Hard Place
  7. Pet Rocks - Stonedark Crystal - They Will Pay With Blood
  8. Blood Debt
  9. Step into the Dark
  10. Unexpected Allies
Huln's War 
need corrections in the future!
  1. A Walk With the Spirits
  2. The Story of Huln
  3. To See the Past
  4. Huln's War - The Arrival
  5. Huln's War - Malorne's Favored
  6. Huln's War - Stormrage
  7. Huln's War - Reinforcements
  8. Huln's War - Shadowsong
  9. Huln's War - The Nathrezim
Secrets of Highmountain
  1. Secrets of Highmountain
  2. The Path of Huln
  3. In Defiance of Deathwing
  4. Titanic Showdown
  5. An Ancient Secret
  6. The Backdoor
  7. The High Chieftain (the chapter fixed 14.02)
Battle of Snowblind Mesa
  1. Battle of Snowblind Mesa
  2. Battle Worms - Buy Us Time - The Siegebrul
  3. Justice Reigns from Above 
  4. The Underking
  5. Neltharion's Lair
  6. The Hammer of Khaz'goroth


// side quests (not related with storyline)


The Candleking

  1. Candle to the Grave & Wax On, Wax Off
  2. The Gates of Wax
  3. Candle of Command
  4. Burn the Candle at Both Ends
  5. Can't Hold a Candle To You


Shipwreck Cove

King Mrgl-Mrgl starts:

  1. Slime Time & I'll Huff, I'll Puff... & Nature vs. Nurture & Murlocs: The Next Generation
  2. Oh, the Clawdacity!

Rockcrawler Chasm

Oren Windstrider starts:

  1.  Fledgling Worm Guts &  Eagle Egg Recovery &  Tamer Takedown
  2.  Going Down, Going Up
  3.  Empty Nest

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Posted 18 December 2016 - 09:09 AM

5. Suramar

Main storyline
Nightfallen But Not Forgotten


Arcanist Kel'danath

Chief Telemancer Oculeth

Feeding Shal'Aran
Requires completion of either of the previous two story chapters.

Requires completion of both the "Chief Telemancer Oculeth" and "Arcanist Kel'danath" story chapters.

The Light Below

Good Suramaritan
This part of the [Good Suramaritan] achievement continues the Nightfallen storyline started in Nightfallen But Not Forgotten. It is linear, with every next chapter requiring the completion of the previous one, as well as a certain level of reputation with The Nightfallen.
Completing these chapters unlocks the Insurrection storyline.

An Ancient Gift
This part of the achievement is completed at the same time as the "The Light Below" part of the [Nightfallen But Not Forgotten] storyline.

The Waning Crescent
Requires 1750/6000 Friendly with The Nightfallen.

Complete all of:

The Gondolier quest chain:

Blood and Wine
Requires Honored with The Nightfallen.

Requires 8000/12000 Honored with The Nightfallen.

Complete all of:
House Astravar


A Growing Crisis
Requires 7000/21000 Revered with The Nightfallen.

A Change of Seasons
Requires 20000/21000 Revered with The Nightfallen.

Complete both of these quests to unlock the Insurrection storyline:

Side chapters
These chapters are not related to the Nightfallen storyline and can be done in any order.
Breaking The Lightbreaker

Moon Guard Stronghold
Head due north across the river from the Irongrove Retreat flight path, along the narrow peninsula called Moonfall Approach.

Side quests: Not Their Last Stand, Sigil Reclamation

Side chain:

Optional quest: Zealot's Dues

Tidying Tel'anor
Starts at the entrance to Tel'anor, after following the road there from Meredil.

Side quest: Fragments of Memory

Eminent Grow-main

Complete all of:
Yowlon quest chain

Unlocks: Cut the Cattitude
Kalendros Irongrove quest chain

Unlocks: Not There, Not Then, Not Forever

Jandvik's Jarl
Starts at the entrance to Jandvik at the southeastern bay, southeast of the Crimson Thicket flight point.

Complete all of:

Requires Exalted with The Nightfallen and completion of the "A Change of Seasons" story chapter, up to and including Arcan'dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi and Arluin's Request.

This storyline is entirely linear: every chapter requires completing the previous one.


Missing Persons

Waxing Crescent

An Elven Problem

Crafting War

March on Suramar

Elisande's Retort

As Strong As Our Will

Breaking the Nighthold

Side quests