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[7.0.3] 01.2017 #4

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Posted 17 January 2017 - 07:50 AM

 - Vellum enchanting fixed!
 - Obliterate only gives 25 Obliterum Ash if the item had Obliterium bonus. Other items give 1-3.
Battleground Deepwind Gorge:
- Cart system exploit and glitchs fixed.
PvP Talents General:
 - Vim and Vigor 20% bonus healing working.
Demon Hunter:
 - Empower Wards no longer removed from first damage.
 - Burning Alive (Talent) fixed.
 - Spirit Bomb (Talent) implemented!
 - Fiery Brand 40% damage reduction fixed.
 - Soul Carver (Artifact) Soul Fragment summon fixed.
 - Chaos Blades (talent) damage calculation fixed.
 - Surge of Light (Talent) fixed.
 - Binding Heal enabled.
 - Divine Star return to caster fixed. Heal/damage frequency increased. 
 - Halo damage/healing is now synced with ring animation. 
 - Guardian Spirit can be cast while stunned.
 - Pain Suppression can be cast while stunned.
 - Inner Focus interrupt immunity added. 100% critical chance fixed.
 - Spirit of the Redeemer (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Holy Concentration (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Focus in the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Say your Prayers (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Holy Mending (Artifat Trait) fixed. 
 - Trust in the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Mass Dispel, Divine Shield dispel fixed.
 - Delivered from Evil (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Shadow Mend only applies DoT to Party/Raid members.
 - Dispersion prevent Insanity drain.
 - Void Torrent (Artifat Trait) prevent Insanity drain. 
 - Void Ray (Talent) damage buff can now stack 5 times. 
 - San'layn (Talent) 20% more Vampiric Embrace heal fixed.
 - Voidform Insanity drain increased by 0.5 each second. 
 - Last Word (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Pure Shadow (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Edge of Insanity (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Shadowfiend AI improved.
 - Mindbender (Talent) AI improved, Insanity generation fixed.
 - Psyfiend (Honor Talent) implemented.
 - Mind Trauma (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Thrive in the Shadows (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Glyph of the Val'kyr fixed.
Death Knight:
 - Icy Talons (Talent) fixed.
 - Chilled debuff PVP duraiton set to 8 sec.

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