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[7.0.3] Changelog - March #3

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Posted 18 March 2017 - 08:58 AM

PvP fixes:
 - Honorable Pennant item fixed.
 - Rated Arena now gives Honor reward.
 - Rated Arena Item Reward chance increased.
 - Elerethe Renferal minor nerfs made in script
 - Il'gynoth exploits fixed.
 - Arcway Mythic mode implemented.
General Spell Fixes:
 - Several spells that should hit targets once e.g. Cinderstorm, Stampede, Glacial Advance will now hit the targets only once.
Death Knight:
 - Cristylline Swords (Artifact Weapon Passive) implemented.
 - Bone Shield 2 second ICD added to charge drop.
Demon Hunter:
 - Eye of Leotheras (Honor Talent) 1,5 second ICD added.
 - Shapemender ICD fixed.
 - Stampede fixed!
 - Titan's Thunder (Artifat Trait) fixed!
 - Fists of Fury dmg corrected.
 - Arcane Charges handling improved.
 - Dsiplacement (Talent) when Shimmer also talented fixed.
 - Divine Intervention now trigger Dinive Shield cooldown as intended.
 - Gerater Judgement (Retribution) no longer select unattackable targets.
 - Blessed Hammer (Talent) fixed!
 - Power of the Dark Side (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Share in the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Taming the Shadows (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Speed of Pious (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Barrier for the Devoted (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Vestments of Discipline (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Raputure resets Power Word: Shield cooldown on cast.
 - Power Word: Radiance target selection fixed.
 - Borrowed Time (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Sins of the Many (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Plea mana cost increase fixed.
 - Archangel (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Dark Archangel (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Guardians of the Light (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Power of the Naaru (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Ray of Hope (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Mental Fortitude (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Unleash the Shadows (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Blood of the Assassinated (Artifact Trait) bonus damage set to 30% against players.
 - Greed (Artifact Trait) fixed. 
-  Bag of Tricks (Artifact Trait) fixed. 
 - Elemental Mastery proc chance calculation fixed. Chain Ligthning only proc Mastery once regardless of targets hit.
 - Chain Lightning 4 Maelstrom per target hit implemented.
 - Stormlash implemented!
 - Seed of Corruption damage required to explode fixed.
 - Sow of Seeds (Talent) fixed. 
 - Demon Skin effect speed reduced by 50% in PVP.
 - Soul Leech, Demon Skin absorb fixed.
 - Non-pet demons can crit!
 - Sweet Souls (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Healthstone charges handling fixed.
 - Fatal Echoes (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Soul Link fixed!
 - Soul Link heal fixed.
 - Soulsnatcher (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Lord of Flames (Artifact Trait) fixed.
 - Shadow of Colossus (Honor Talent) fixed.
 - Fixed several minor issues with Raid flexible scaling.
 - Creature Taunt immunity handling improved.

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