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Bann Request

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#1 Moreno1211

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 12:59 PM

Dear Admin

We have a Bann Request. Our Account get permanently Banned for Wintrading.
I and the most of our Friends are the same opinion that a Permanently bann is really heavy.

Other Player Hacking in BG and ruin the full PVP game with that. and get 30m/7d/14d bann.We did nothing like this. We dont damage other Player with that what we did. We accept that we get banned for this. It was a stupid Idea and we dont deny what we did.

We investet much times in our Chars and we miss them very much.

Please rethink that heavy punishment.

PS: My English is not that good. But i hope it was readable.


Monster WoW, Members.

#2 Redblue



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Posted 25 October 2017 - 03:53 PM

Hi there,

You should have thought of the consequences before Wintrading. I appreciate opinions of both Your friends and Yours. Still, opinions aren't getting along with the server rules. This topic is not about other players, but about You. Actually, you did damage other players, by exploiting the arena system. You've gotten yourself to a better position in an unfair way. That's definitely damaging other players in a certain ways. With a gamer mindset i'm sure that You will most likely continue playing WoW, if not on this, then on some other server. Anyhow, next time don't do mistake like this, and You wont' get yourself banned.




-Redblue, Monster WoW Staff