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#1 Dops55



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Posted 18 July 2018 - 09:45 PM

Hello there i will talk about some problems and what should be added in Nemesis. 1st when Duel and Forfeit cd reset that should be removed from staff team because its not very funny its impossible to die in gurubashi talking about pvp players. 2nd Duel zone is really bugged zone you should find a nice and flat ground duel zone for example there is a lot place for Uldum. 3th İ think just not me other players too want transmog npc's back 4th. İn marketplace should be a Cataclysmic Gears with donation points or elite gears 5th. İ hope arena bug is fixed. When someone join arena fastly if enemy team not join one of them leave arena match and they get win on team enemy team get lose 6th in arena when you use sometimes fast mount dismount for fun i see bars get locked before arena start maybe this is too should be fixed 


ingame as you tell everytime report these bugs in forums i did that i have report i hope will fix these problems thanks. 


Thanks for read

#2 Wise



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Posted 19 July 2018 - 02:43 AM


1st Duel and Forfeit CD reset is such a great thing for PvP because u can reduel someone without logging out, that won't be removed.
2nd Duel zone is fine it's our old Duel Zone and a lot players are used on it.
3rd Of course there is Transmog NPC and it will always be there, expect it might got removed for some rework, because something is probably bugged.
4th If we add CATA gear in shop everyone would donate for it which kills all fun in gearing up and capping, I think it's not hard or long process to get full CATA gear if u just play Arenas, so this won't be taken in consideration.
5th Make a proper report about that bug because this is first time i hear about it and as I player I'm sure that I never saw that happen to anyone.
6th Don't spam mount/dismount so fast for fun, and u won't get such kind of bugs.

Regards, Wise.

#3 Dops55



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Posted 19 July 2018 - 09:28 AM

Hello Wise you have wrong about duel zone sometimes i cant see anyone there because .i u all bug i tried Relog leave party everything still not fix 

İf no want put cata gear on marketplace you guys should fix arena errors too i que 2v2 yesterday against Hunter disc Priest they did something i got wow error lel Deathwing wasn't even have like these bugs and damage problems 

#4 big1205



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Posted 21 July 2018 - 06:50 PM

The bug with some one leaving (if the other team didnt enter instanty) is very real. I have one lose on my team because of that. You can notice the current r1 team on Nemesis score. The team it self has 1 loss more than the personal score of the players. It does not happen often, but when it does its unfair as hell. And as always I will add at the end: <Please reanable Mind control> Thank you.

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I once casted mind control, but then they decided to disabled it. Its been a year now and I don't know where this world is going to. Are we going to change, is there a hope for the human kind, does cats have mental powers??? No one knows...

#5 Dops55



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Posted 22 July 2018 - 08:35 PM

PvP ladders too no working well. Armory should be fixed there is should be 5v5 queue ladder ! i will tell again this Duel Forfeit should be removed its very cancer there is way to just remove it in gurubashi how our best developers doesn't give a time for remove it i dont know okey more people playing in legion but thats not mean no look 4.3.4 make alive 4.3.4 :D

#6 Treaxon



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Posted 23 July 2018 - 10:44 PM

The wow errors in general need to be fixed.  it happens in BGs also.  In EOTS, you cannot take bases after you wow error.  In addition, it would be nice to have working Battle for Gilineas and SOTA.

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