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[Bfa] The Ultimate Leveling Guide

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#1 dreadhavoc1

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Posted 22 December 2018 - 01:19 PM

How to play your class

If you are new to a class you should not panic.

Blizzard helps you out a lot on how to level up a class.

If you open the talent button like in the image below.


For priest for example there are 3 specs: Discipline, Holy and Shadow.

If you look below each one it says: Healer / Healer / Damage.

Always pick the Damage one since is the best one for leveling.

And use the Tank one if you have trouble with an elite monster.


On this window it usually says what buttons you should use.

As a discipline priest you should spam Penance to kill monsters and keep Power Word: Shield on yourself.

But you should not use that spec, instead you should go Shadow.


As you can see it explains really well what to do here

Keep Shadow Form on yourself, cast Shadow Word Pain and Mindblast on cooldown and than Mind Flay, also you can use Void Form when the mobs are hard to kill.


Picking the best zone

There is a tool inside world of warcraft that recommends the things you should do in the game to progress further.


It can be easily accessed from that button below there.

After clicking on it this window will open up for you.


As you can see the game recommends you to go in Thousand Needles.

You should already start going there if you are not.

Then find all the flypaths in the zone (e.g. Thousand Needles) because usually there are a ton of quests.


If you run out of quests at the flight paths.

Follow the roads, there are usually quest giver NPCs on the roads.

Or abandon everything and go to the next zone.




The only addon you need for leveling is Dugi Questing Essentials.


After you install this addon you will see next to your radar a DG icon and you should right-click it.


First of all let me describe what you will get:

  1. Auto accepting and turning in quests
  2. Auto selecting the best quest to do depending on where you are
  3. A button to abandon all quests when you leave a zone to not waste time


  1. Auto mount (you will be mounted automatically every second to not waste time to press it yourself)


  1. Automatically equipping the best gear (and bags) you have in your bags based on your talents and ilvl


  1. Automatically repair items with your gold or the guild gold
  2. Automatically sell junk gray items


  1. Automatically showing you the closest quest to your location



#2 juliuz

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 08:24 AM

Nice, but I am verry intrested how I get to Kul Tiras. I see people gaming. I see it in the list of servers. Why can I not be there? Is there some Beta-gaming? I like to know when I can go to Kul tiras and how can I get over there. Please I am not talking abour now. I like to know when. Is It to morrow ore the day after that. Pls show me the way. It will be nice when I get updated while I am playing BfA. So give me some replay................. Thx.


#3 SlimShady



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Posted 26 January 2019 - 04:30 AM

If I may say something, since i'm in this community longer than mainadmin who is here since 2014, and i'm here since 2012.

1. They never truly fix shadow priests.

2. They hate shadow priests.

3. Always play class that admin or moderator plays so you know ur class will be buffed or fixed.


Thanks for taking your time in reading all this shit.



P.S. I'm gonna like my own post

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#4 Cheeseyham

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Posted 27 January 2019 - 07:43 PM

this dosen't really work with most quest not working especially in legion content.