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Frequently Asked Questions - Battle For Azeroth

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Posted 25 December 2018 - 06:30 PM

Solutions & Explanations of Errors often reported for
Battle for Azeroth!






 BLZ51900003 / BLZ5190002


For Legion and Battle for Azeroth you must log-in with Email & Password, unlike previous expansions. Therefore you get this error when you try to log-in with Username & Password.


 BLZ51901001 / BLZ51901016 / WOW51900314


You have wrong realmlist. To fix that, you have to find WTF/Config.wtf file in your World of Warcraft folder and change first four lines to -

SET portal "bfa.monster-wow.com"

SET textLocale "enUS"

SET audioLocale "enUS"
SET agentUID "wow_enus"




You have entered the wrong account informations. Double-check account info and just try again.  Simply misspelled!




You have wrong Launcher. Go to the Monster-Wow official website and download our Launcher!


 BLZ51914003 / WOW51900306


You have connection problems! These are some suggestions to solve your problem.

- Restart your network equipment, Router, Modem... Also make sure you leave it off for 5-10 seconds.
- Make sure firewall or antivirus program is not blocking Wow, check logs/events to see if that happened.
- Also you might have bad DNS entries. To fix that you will need command prompt. To run it, hit Windows+R buttons and run dialog will pop up. Then type in "cmd' and hit Ok. 

You will get black window, in it type - ipconfig /flushdns - And hit Enter. If you get successful, then close black Window.


- Maybe your computer needs to reset connection. You have two ways to do this. First one is to run Command Prompt, like above by hitting Windows+R buttons. Then type "cmd' and hit Ok.
When black Window appears type in. - ipconfig /release - After this is done, type - ipconfig /renew - And then you are done. Close the Window and try again.




If you have this error it means that your account has been banned! Yet, you can still log-in on Monster-Wow official website, there you can check the reason for ban. You can also DM any of Staff members on our Discord Server for informations if you don't know why is your account banned.




If you got this error it means that server is currently down or your lost your connection. There is no player side solution for this error, simply wait and try to log-in later. 




Your Antivirus is blocking World of Warcraft. Simply disable your Antivirus and try to launch the game again! 


 Damaged Installation!


There are multiple suggestions to fix this problem.


- Remove read-only from entire World of Warcraft folder.

- Rename Interface folder to Interfaceold.

- Check if Firewall is blocking your World of Warcraft.

- Make sure your World of Warcraft is on system folder ©.

- Delete Cache

- Move your World of Warcraft to the empty folder (New Folder) on desktop.

- Delete .idx files from Cache folder if error occurs - and delete CASCRepair.mrk from World of Warcraft folder. (But don't delete any files called data.xxx and run repair).

- Delete data.001, data002, data003... up to data0038 from Data folder (Only if previous suggestion did not help).


 Slow loading!


If after you downloaded full Battle for Azeroth client, on first launch it takes 15minutes+ to load the game, you just simply have to wait. After few launches, it will fix itself. 
It just means that the game did not download all the important data yet. 


Also, if that doesn't help. You can download Blizzard's official Battle for Azeroth Client, then you download Monster-Wow's Patcher, extract the Patcher in your World of Warcraft folder, change the realmlist and run the game with the Patcher.


If your problem/error is not listed above, please go ahead and report it on either Bugtracker or Forum!







Ingame FAQ




Obtain your "Heart of Azeroth"


Once you reach level 110, you can start with BFA-Content. As soon as you come to Stormwind/Orgrimmar you will get
"A Dying World" quest.
For this you need to travel to Uldum through the Portal of Uldum and then fly to Silithus.


With the quest, you need to come to Magni Bronzebeard for the quest-line that unlocks your Heart of Azeroth!


While you are flying to Silithus, you should abandon all the old quests because you won't need them anymore. And then you can accept huge amount of BFA-Quests as soon you reach Kul'Tiras.





To unlock World-Quests


- You need to complete War Campaign.


- You need to reach friendly reputation with 3 Factions:


Take the Quest "Uniting Kul'Tiras" in Boralus from Cyrus Crestfall

Proudmoore Admiralty in Tiragarde Sound

- Storm's Wake in Stormsong Valley 

- Order of Embers in Drustvar




Take the Quest "Uniting the Zandalar" from Princess Talanji in Dazar'alor

- Zandalari Empire in Zuldazar

- Voldunai in Vol'Dun

- Talanji's Expedition in Nazmir and turn it in.


Congratulations, you have unlocked the World-Quests. Now you are able to see the World-Quests on your Map when you are in Kul'Tiras & Zandalar.





Azerite is used to empower your Heart of Azeroth. Empowering means increasing its itemlevel (2ilvl per Azerite level).

Depending on your Azerite Armor (Head, Shoulders and Chest) you can purchase 3-4 abilities that make your Armor stronger (like a Talent-Tree of your Armor-Pieces)


You can gain Azerite from:


- Battlegrounds & Arenas

- World-Quests

 - Quest-Rewards

- Dungeons & Raid Bosses

- Rare Mobs


Every time you reach reputation Level with the Faction "Champions of Azeroth" you are able to turn in a Quest at Magni Bronzebeard which adds you +15 Item Level on your Heart of Azeroth!

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