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The Nemesis Problem

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Posted 02 January 2019 - 04:55 PM

Nemesis's Anti-Cheat Issues

So I think people need to know what they're up against here...
I know and have the program the cheater uses (however I don’t find a joy or need in using it any more).


What works?

Surprising to most players, the anticheat on nemesis actually works. Any type of cheat used by the program used by the server’s cheater can trigger a ban. I’ve spent some time testing it and managed to have experimental alts banned by the anticheat.


What’s the problem?

The server has a restraint mechanism as well. It will ignore the first 200 or so instances that it recognizes as hacking before it bans someone. This is good because it would never impulsively ban someone who might be using a model morpher or possibly lagging (if that’s actually possible).


Why some hacks instantly ban but not others?

The hacks that instantly ban are swimming, flying, and speed related. With a hack persistently active, it is rapidly trying to cheat, applying a cheat to several packets of information per second. The server will quickly add these up and drop the banhammer.

Teleports are different. Teleports only modify a single packet of information, the player’s coordinates. The server catches it, and will ban eventually, but the player can do it almost a hundred times before being caught. That’s also enough teleports to disconnect and reset any red flags.

What’s the solution?
It would take custom Autoban rules as well as a tightened anticheat restraint to make hacking unviable on nemesis. Rules such as minimum time to pick up and score a flag, specific coordinate areas that would ban a player for entering (high up mountains out of the map), constant coordinate checks during flag caps, etc.

Banning a player for going to 0,0,0 Would be a VERY easy trap. Teleport to target commonly messes up and sends the hacker to 0,0,0.

I stated at the beginning that I want players to know what they’re up against. This cheater is nothing special, especially since he needs to cheat and plays fairly pathetically. I've removed any information from the UI that could allow someone to find the program by googling it, but here’s the interface being used:


What can I do?

The best thing a normal player can do is set themselves up to report them as quickly and easily as possible. The easier reporting is, the faster the player can be banned. It takes more manual work to create a new character than it does to file a report, as long as you have all this set up.

-Have a desktop shortcut to your wow screenshots folder.
-Create google chrome tabs with these two links, to quickly open and report.




-Save This to a text document on your desktop to open for a copy and paste.

Realm: Nemesis
Abuse: Hack
Details: Floating Character/Timestamps&Coordinates
Player name(s): 
Realm: Nemesis
What kind of abuse: Bot/Multiboxing
Other information: Mass idling/Bot movement



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Posted 04 January 2019 - 06:39 PM

Small addition; I've pieced together a macro that is useful with reporting hackers. This macro only works on targets in your raid/BG group. Make sure the macro is actually in one piece, not separated by a new line. Make sure you have an addon or some way of showing time stamps as well. 


/script local x,y=GetPlayerMapPosition("target");DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format("%s: (%s) X:%s, Y:%s",UnitName("target"), GetZoneText(),math.floor(x*10000)/100,math.floor(y*10000)/100), 0.0, 5.0, 5.0, 53, 4);


This is what it will display a single line with the target's coordinates. Spamming it can show a change in position versus a change in time, to help you get tricky hackers banned who don't score the flag right away and teleport around the map where it's hard to get an obvious screenshot. 



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Posted 04 January 2019 - 08:21 PM

you just don't give up do you?

short and simple answer: REALM IS DEAD, and nothing will be done because it's simply not worth spending time on it

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